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Organized trips and expeditions: Cerro Plata offers fully serviced trips from Mendoza, Argentina on the Normal route and the Polish traverse route.
Below is the information about our Cerro Plata acclimatization program; Check here for the prices and dates.


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Please also read the FAQ about the Aconcagua trips about what's included etc.


Dates & Prices Normal route Polish Traverse NEW: Aconcagua
from all sides
Polish glacier



Aconcagua can be climbed without any technical experience, but should not be underestimated. General mountaineering experience is certainly needed to avoid injury or death, even on the "Normal route". offer fully serviced and guided trip up the 2 most used routes as well as an additional couple of days to acclimatize even better (EAP, or Extra Acclimatization Program, available for both routes, which means you go ahead of the regular schedule by 2 days.)


But this year we also have another acclimatization option: climbing Cerro Plata! This 6000m high mountain has easy road access due to the ski area, so even if you do not make it to the summit you will at least acclimatize. It is very close to Mendoza so a perfect preparation for Aconcagua. As you will ascend quickly it is best if you do not go straight from sea level to do this.



Itinerary Normal route Cerro Plata


 Day    Itinerary (Height in meters) 
 01 Mendoza / Vallecitos / Piedra grande (3400m)
 02 Piedra Grande / El Salto (4500m).
 03 Salto / La Hoyada (4700m)
 04 La Hoyada / summit (6000m)/ La Hoyada.(4700m)
 05 Descent La Hoyada / Vallecitos / Mendoza
 06 Extra day for contingencies that may prevent the normal development of the program



There is one day extra included and halfway on the summit day you can also decide to climb 5400m Vallecitos instead, also a worthy goal!


The climb is a perfect acclimatization for Aconcagua but very nice in itself, from the Alpine meadows of Las Veguitas to the amazing vistas from the summit ridge and plateau, it is also a worthy goal in itself.


The Cerro Plata climb costs $480 and can start any day, however to benefit the most from the acclimatization it is best to start 5 days before the start of the Aconcagua Programs. (So the end of day 6 of this program will be day one of the Aconcagua programs)


You will be brought back to Mendoza.





- Safe luggage storage in Mendoza

- All meals from day 1- 5 or 6

- Qualified professional guides, transport, high quality tents 


Not included:

- Personal climbing gear/clothes including sleepingbag

- Hotel and drinks before/after the climb (unless you book the Aconcagua trip as well, then the hotel after the climb is included).

- Extra costs due to altitude sickness or other reason for giving up (extra transportation & hotel costs).


Our guide will decide which route/itinerary will be followed, depending on weather and physical conditions.

Gear is the same as for Aconcagua, just for less days.



Click here for the other routes/programs and dates & prices:


Dates & Prices Normal route Polish Traverse NEW: Aconcagua
from all sides
Polish glacier



Bookings: sign up using the bookingform or  email us for special requests!


Signing the Aconcagua summitbook

Hotel Plaza de Mulas

Happy me on Aconcagua summit

South face from Horcones

Punta de vacas


South face and canaleta from the summit

Harry on Aconcagua summit

Horcones Inferior (South Wall)

Aconcagua shadow