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The new 7summits newsletter

www.7summits.com irregular newsletter, February 2004

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Hello all you (armchair) Mountaineers!


We returned from a successful trip to Aconcagua, summiting on newyearsday; we had some server upgrade and mail problems, so the newsletter has been delayed, but here it is: your favorite newsletter, this time with the following subjects:



- New Elbrus 2004 dates and prices

- New updated poster shop on the 7summits.com with February discount

- Carstensz short update

- Book of the month: Desire and Ice

- Kilimanjaro 2004 trips same price as last years!

- 7summits article in Dutch magazine Wannahaves



New Elbrus dates and prices online

Our 2004 Elbrus trips are online now. The prices have increased a bit and are now in Euros, but still thousands $$ less than the big US guys! We offer trips from May -September. member: even if only one person signs up we will go! But most trips already have participants signed up for them, so do not miss your chance to climb to the summit of Europe. Be aware that getting your Russian visa might take some time; to avoid disappointments we do not accept last-minute bookings anymore.




New poster shop on 7summits.com with February discount

Need a b-day gift, want to motivate someone or did you go on safari and forgot your 500mm zoom lens? We made a fresh selection of Art.com's over 100.000 prints and artworks and have placed them on the 7summits.com Postershop with categories Everest, Kilimanjaro, Denali & Alaska, Safari and Motivational. You can order with (and see how it looks online) or without frames. This makes a great gift for your friends and family or gives you the chance to hike back on the memory lane.


Some examples are on the right of this newsletter, click to go to the detailed info or visit the 7summits.com Postershop for all the selected art.

February promotion: Check out the new 7summits.com poster and Art shop and take $20 off any order over $100 from now until February 29 ‘04! Use coupon code C112311711106 at your shopping cart. Happy shopping :-)


The Carstensz pyramid trips are still a no-go due to the dangerous situation in Irian Jaya, there are no permits being issued currently, and sadly there is no outlook on this improving soon. Unfortunately some climbers have done an illegal trip last October, even after we advised them not to do it. But they were selfish and besides seriously endangering themselves they also closed the area for an indefinite time now for others with their action....


Book of the month:

Denali season is coming up, so for this month we have chosen an interesting and funny book about a typical Denali climber on an organized expedition:


Desire & Ice: A Search for Perspective Atop Denali by David Brill

David Brill is one of the many male climbers who are in their forties and want to have one last goal before physically retiring, the highest pint of the US and North America and therefore one of the "7 summits": Denali. This is his account of the decisions leading up to that climb and a detailed description of it. David joins a guided climb of RMI, one of the few allowed guiding companies (Denali is monopolized, no foreigners are allowed to guide) and enters a team of people with similar age and background. Kent, one of the guides, is the youngest being 38 years old. 


What follows is a nicely and humorously written account of their climb. He describes the problems with altitude, teamwork, phyical difficulties and more. Brill, who works for the Nat Geo society has a easy way of writing and a good sense of humor and self reflection, which makes the book a joy to read... 


Full report can be found here or order directly at Amazon at 30% off



Kilimanjaro trips for 2004: same price!

Remember there are plenty of other affordable expeditions available:  

Kilimanjaro: we have kept all our 2004 prices the same as 2002 and 2003! Book a 7summits.com Kili and safari trip and enjoy the summit of Africa for a great price; all trips are fully customizable. 

For Euro countries the trips have become about 20% cheaper, so enjoy the low US dollar while it lasts and book a fully serviced 7day (on the mountain, 9 days in total) Kili expedition from 790 €uro!



7summits article in Dutch Wannahaves Magazine!

For all the Dutch readers of this newsletter: in the current (February) issue of Wannahaves Magazine (available at newsstands you can find a very nice 4 full pages feature about the 7summits and myself. It's a nice article, so get it quickly as the new edition will be replacing it soon. A link to scanned versions of the pages can be found on the forum.



That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this newsletter, if not, just click the unsubscribe link and you are off


Looking forward to seeing you on the new site, remember you can post on the forum and upload your pictures and send them as ecards at the images gallery!,

thanks and keep climbing,




Harry Kikstra

Director, www.7summits.com

Below are some examples of art you can buy online in our new 7summits.com postershop:


Buy Everest Conquered! at Art.com

'Everest Conquered' newspaper


Buy Mt. Everest, Top of the World at Art.com

Everest North Side


Buy Vision - Mt. Kilimanjaro at Art.com



Buy Elephant by Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya at Art.com

Elephant & Kilimanjaro


Buy Mt. McKinley & Wonder Lake, 1947 (embossed) (Editor's Choice) at Art.com

Ansel Adams' 

Denali at Wonder Lake


Buy Cheetah at Art.com



Buy World Wildlife Fund - Lioness & Cub at Art.com

Lioness with cub


Buy The Key to Life is Balance at Art.com

The key to life is balance


Buy Teamwork at Art.com


"We took risks. We knew we took them. Things have come out against us. We have no cause for complaint." -- Scott, found in his diary after the party froze in Antarctica 

(more quotes can be found on the site here)

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Thanks for your interest,

Keep climbing,
the 7summits team

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