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*** Breaking news: K2 higher than Everest! ***


Today the new results of the laser measurements of the Nasa Geo Satellite have come in and it appears that K2 is higher than Everest after all!

This debate is not new, in the 1970's air pressure measurements 'proved' that K2 was higher than Everest.
But the commercial industry has used GPS measured 'proof' that Everest was higher after all. But never did they use the actual same measuring instrument on both mountains!!

But the new Nasa Geo Satellite (which is working on a 3D scale model of the earth surface) has measured both peaks using the same laser system, using the same instrument.

Ofcourse this has great impact on the 7summits community as only about 200 people climbed K2 and only a few of the current 7summits list are amongst them!
Read all about it on the new forum:

More news will follow when we have crosschecked the K2- and 7-summiteers

Thanks and keep climbing,
The 7summits team.

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