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7summits.com mailinglist october 2004: Everest 2005 all-in for 10,000, NG atlas discount & more

The new 7summits newsletter October 2004: Everest 2005 for 10,000!

www.7summits.com irregular newsletter, October 2004

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Hello all you (armchair) Mountaineers!


I just came back from climbing in Pakistan and Tibet, here is a special edition of your favorite newsletter as we will be offering a budget all-inclusive climb of Everest!


- Everest 2005, Tibet North side classic route for only 10,000!

- Last call for Vinson 2004/2005. Almost full, 7summits.com again cheapest and now unguided climbs as well!

- New National Geographic World Atlas, this week extra discount ($64) for 7summits.com friends

- New Everest images, all available as handmade enlargements and stock images.

- New updated poster shop on 7summits.com with 20% discount on everything until Nov 2, cheaper worldwide S&H rates.


Everest 2005: 10,000! All-in!


In the coming Everest 2005 spring season 7summits.com will again be the agency of choice to book an expedition with if you are price conscious. You can simply pay 30-40,000 to the well known companies or you can go for much less on a fully serviced expedition with us. Of course you will not get 3 private sherpas to carry your water bottle, so this expedition is meant for climbers who can climb and have mental and physical strength.


The expedition will take place in May/June 2005, costs only 10,000 (currently about $12,750) and includes oxygen, shared High Altitude Sherpas, tents, yaks, all food and one western guide, Alex Abramov, who has guided and summited Everest before and brought many people to the summit. Additional services can be added if needed, like a private HA sherpa, extra oxygen etc.


See the special Everest expedition page for a complete overview of what is included, itinerary etc.

There is also an option to climb to North Col only, for only 4000 (21 days)



"EVEREST 2005 "
Country: Tibet
Mountain: Everest
Route: Classic North Col route (Mallory route)
Category: Most difficult and hard
Group size: 12-15 members
Duration: days 62 / nights 61
Price: 10,000 EURO
Dates: April,5 - June,5 :: Open for application until December 1

Let your dream come true without having to sell your house!


To sign up for this trip, please go to the expedition page or contact Harry Kikstra, email: harry (at) 7summits.com



Vinson expeditions , almost full, book now!!!!

- Reserve and Book now: Vinson 2004/2005. If you are interested in climbing Vinson, email us. The dates and prices are already online for those seriously interested, for the first time it is also possible to climb unguided if you are an experienced mountaineer.


But we just got word from the logistics operator that the trips are filling up really fast as there is limited capacity on the planes, so please let us know immediately if you want to come and pay a deposit to reserve your place.


Every company has to use the same logistics partner, so the trips are all the same, only the price is different. 7summits has the lowest price as always, check it out here: Vinson 2004/2005.

Really, be quick if you want to come along!




New National Geographic World Atlas

Finally there is a new edition of the NGS ATlas, weighing 7 pounds (3+ kilos)!
An atlas is the most useful book you can have or give to others. It has so much information about other countries, cultures and will make you more aware about the world around you.

416 pages thick with 15,000 changes & updates, it weighs 3.1kg - with a price to match, US$165


But if you order at Amazon you will get 32% discount ($53) and if you use our special link below before November 4 you get an additional $11 discount!


We already have ordered the book this week and Amazon lets us 'share the love' with our friends, by giving everybody an additional discount of 10% over the discounted price. But you have to be quick, it only is valid for a week and ends November 4!


Click here if you are ordering before November 4 and you will get it for the special price of $101!! Only valid until Nov 4!


Click here to order this book at Amazon.com after Nov4. Still specially priced: not $165, but $112!


Oh, and I am sharing the love (with a matching additional 10% discount until Nov 4) on some other books about photography and ice-climbing as well, just check them out!


New poster shop on 7summits.com with 20% discount on everything this week (until Nov2)!


+Need a b-day gift, want to motivate someone or did you go on safari and forgot your 500mm zoom lens? Or Celebrate the Everest summits of your friends! We made a fresh selection of Art.com's over 100.000 prints and artworks and have placed them on the 7summits.com Postershop with categories Everest, Kilimanjaro, Denali & Alaska, Safari and Motivational. You can order with (and see how it looks online) or without frames. This makes a great gift for your climbing and non-climbing friends and family or gives you the chance to hike back on the memory lane. 


+ Some examples are on the right of this newsletter, click to go to the detailed info or visit the 7summits.com Postershop for all the selected art.


+Promotion: Check out the new 7summits.com poster and Art shop and the posters to the right, buy them framed or unframed until November 2nd and take 20% off all posters!

--->> Don't forget to use this special coupon code Autumn to get the 20% off and order before Nov 3 <<---


Now the shipping costs to Europe and the rest of the world have been reduced enormously, so no more reasons not to order from outside the US!


Stock photography and handmade enlargements

Did you know you can order many of the pictures on 7summits.com?

We do sell them in limited amounts, all hand printed and signed by me (the photographer) if needed.


Most pictures are available as Managed Rights Stock images as well, which means that they are not available on stock CD's, but can be licensed for specific uses only. These images are high quality, can be shipped as transparencies or downloaded as a high resolution scan up to 11,000DPI for slides.

More info and examples here.

Just send an email to info @ 7summits.com with your request and we will send a quote.




The following was sent in the last newsletter as well, but for the new subscribers: here are the recent site updates, New Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua trips!





New Aconcagua dates and prices online

+Our 2004/2005 Aconcagua trips are online, but we are approaching the season fast, so get them while you can! The prices are the same as last year! Still thousands $$ less than the big US guys! We offer trips from December-January. Remember: even if only one person signs up we will go! But most trips already have participants signed up for them, so do not miss your chance to climb to the summit of South America


+ We have added a new route due to popular demand: Aconcagua from all sides! 

This means you go up the beautiful Vacas valley, climb the Polish traverse route and descent the faster Normal route, so you get the best of all routes and see all sides of Aconcagua using non-technical routes! Only 2 dates this season, so book it before it's gone 



+ Also this year we offer climbs up the Polish Glacier itself. Private trips only as this is a technical climb.

+ Another new addition to our trips is the option to climb 6000m Cerro Plata in 6 days as an acclimatization for Aconcagua. A very nice climb for only $480 and no park fees!

+ All trips can now be booked using the online bookingform




That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this newsletter, if not, just click the unsubscribe link and you are off


Looking forward to seeing you on the new site, remember you can post on the forum and upload your pictures and send them as ecards at the images gallery!,

thanks and keep climbing,




Harry Kikstra

Director, www.7summits.com

Below are some popular examples of art you can buy online in our new 7summits.com postershop:


Buy Everest Conquered! at Art.com
Everest Conquered!
London Herald
12x16 Fine-art.


Buy Mt. Everest, Top of the World at Art.com

Mt. Everest, Top of the World
Sadhna Press
36x24 Fine-Art Print



Buy Vision - Mt. Kilimanjaro at Art.com

Mount Everest
34x24 Wall Poster


Buy Elephant by Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya at Art.com
The Summit of Mount Everest
40x13 Fine-Art Print



But we also have others like:


Buy Mt. McKinley & Wonder Lake, 1947 (embossed) (Editor's Choice) at Art.com

Ansel Adams' 

Denali at Wonder Lake


Buy The First Kiss at Art.com
The First Kiss
Ron D`Raine
23x35 Wall poster


Buy World Wildlife Fund - Lioness & Cub at Art.com

Lioness with cub


Buy The Key to Life is Balance at Art.com

The key to life is balance


Buy Teamwork at Art.com


"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

(more quotes can be found on the site here)

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Thanks for your interest,

Keep climbing,
the 7summits team

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