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June 3rd - GOOD NEWS - part 2 - Harry summit! Is OK and on his way to ABC

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Just got the first message from Harry the man himself.

He is OK , and made it to the top of the world yesterday!

Leaving Camp 3 at 1:00, after staying at 8300m for two consecutive nights, he arrived at the summit quite late, at 14:00 local time.

After this he had to fight, exhausted, to get out of the deathzone and back to Camp 3, where he arrived at 22:00. All this time he was accompanied by his personal sherpa Lakcha.

After staying another night at 8300m, he is now on his way back to ABC.

With the confirmation of Harry's summit this means that yesterday three expedition members reached the summit of Everest: Dmitry Moskalev, Harry Kikstra and John Christiana, together with Sherpas Mingma Norbu, Renji and Lakcha. During the final summit push Lorenzo had to return after reaching around 8600m, because of problems with his eyesight.

This is Harry's sixth summit of the Seven.  ;D


 :P O0 :lol) :_) :() ;) :)

jeahjeahjeah Harry gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!!!

congratulations from Lon & me.

You're the BEST!!!!!!!

Love Bas

You managed to keep us in quite some suspense yesterday, but we're thrilled to read this excellent news.

Wow wow Harry. your the man, the top dog the.........sorry got carried away

good performnace, sorry you had to use O2 but still great effort m8
congratz and bassie is gona make you drink beer and then brabble in limboland language and say your drunck b/c you don't ubderstand him. But hey what new ;)

Congratulations man!  :D :D

What an enormous achievement! Be safe now on the way down from 7,700 metres.

// Andreas


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