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June 6 Hello from Zhangmu! Finally a report from Harry, about summitday and more

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Mary Clare:
Hi Harry

Unbelievable!!!   :o   :eek)

An amazing story.  You really are lucky to be alive.  Count your lucky stars!  When I spoke to you at ABC, you had said you thought you would go down to BC on the 6th.  I can't believe that you were woken up after your ordeal and had to immediately pack and head down to BC!  I hope you will get some much needed rest now and recover 100%.  You really should write a Lorenzo put it...this is one hell of a story!!!

I am very happy that you did summit.  Congradulations big time!

All the best to you in all your adventures.  (Maybe a little less dramatic on your next one!)

(John Christiana's sister)

Terry Cutts:
Harry, it was interesting meeting you at our friend's Ap sculpture party...Thank god we will have another opportunity to meet in person again.

From the very flat lands of Toronto

Please keep well!

Terry Cutts

Mary Clare:
Hey Harry

A possible song of the day for Summit Day:

Katmandu by Bob Seger..."I think I'm going to Katmandu.  That's really, really where I'm going to.  If I ever get out of here, that's what I'm gonna do".

I'm sure you will come up with one of your own...just thought I would throw this one out there.


When will you be at Schiphol you crazy man?

Hi Harry,

wat een verhaal!! gevaarlijke gek!! Hoop dat je snelweer terugkomt in Da Lowlands, laat even weten wanneer. Dan gaan we snel de berg in het Amsterdamse Bos beklimmen om je nog een beetje in shape te houden!!

tot snel!



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