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12 Mount Everest pictures and summit video added


I have just added 12 pictures and a one minute summitvideo from the Everest trip, you can see them here in the 7summits.com Everest picture gallery

As always, you can send every picture as a free ecard and leave comments on the picture.

We do sell handmade limited edition signed prints of these files (made with pro Digital SLR), contact me if you are interested.

Enjoy!  O0

Dan Womer:
Outstanding video and pictures.  Thank you for posting!  For those of us who will never make it to the top it is great to see the view.  Thanks again!  Dan

thanks Dan.

For those of you interested, I posted a wallpaper sized version of another picture, a view over the clouds at sunset, shot from 8300m.

So download a large version here on my site to use as a wall paper.
Also the copyright is much smaller on that one, almost invisible (but it is still copyrighted!).


Mary Clare:
Hey Harry

I just set this beautiful photo as my desktop background.  I love it!!!  Thanks!

MC      ;D


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