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Elbrus - August 16th 2005

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Finally put this baby to rest. Last Tuesday I summited Elbrus after 11 and 3/4 hours walking from the Barrels. The weather was fantastic - clear, not drastically cold but there was a stiff breeze on the summit plateau. Got back to the barrels 16 hours after setting out - we had to help a sick climber down so unfortunately I didn't get to go up the east summit as well - which was my original plan. (I had good acclimatisation from a recent trekking holiday in the Tien Shan)

I'm still in Terskol but I'll post some pics and a trip report in the next week or two.


Brendan D:
Maith an bhfear, Thomáis. Fan amach as an 'Wodka' !! Beidh sé an chrua ar do céann ‘s do bhólg - cósuil le Frenet in Argentina!!

Mar a deirtear in Connemara - "arramushalookit, I'll get it off my chest and I'll be grand"


yeah!, What Brendan said! ;D

Good stuff MoT!

Very well done and congratulations MoT!

I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Sounds like you had a challenging time on Khan Tengri too.

See you soon

Good job and congrats!!!

What are your future plans?

I'm off to Antarctica in January 2006.



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