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Article in Dutch Panorama Magazine this week about Harry on Everest

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Thanks MC, good to have you back.
Yes, Nat Geo si my next aim, very hard to get in though.

Frans, I always use SLR's (mirror reflex) with interchangeable lenses. Everybody thinks I am crazy, but I keep on lugging the heavy stuff up the mountains   :P

(and yes, I carried these myself, I have never given any lenses or cameras to a sherpa or teammember to carry on Everest, even though Lorenzo insisted when I was feeling bad..)

This was the first time I used digital, I brought the Canon Eos 20D, 8.2mp. Pics on teh summit were taken with a 15-30mm Sigma lens, I also brought a back-up slide body (old Eos 500n) which I actually used up there with a fixed 50mm lens.
I brought a tripod and a pro 70-200L IS lens until ABC.

I had 3 batteries, constantly charged and kept them always in my innerpocket when climbing, to keep them warm.

Summitvideo was shot on a Panasonic NV-200 videocamera, I carried that one as well.

Now Canon, are you not sorry for not sponsoring me  ::)

hello sir/harry,

        what a wonderful pics,they are so beautiful. i likes the pics so much.thanks

aita singh lama


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