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Chris Valentine:
On the evening of Wednesday 12th October 2005, Lorenzo Gariano, who was part of Alex's team to Everest earlier this year will present a talk on his (and their) adventures. If you are unable to attend in person, at The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, you can tune in to the webcast via:


Our department at the OU provided the technology behind the audio blog Lorenzo recorded as the adventure progressed.



Hi Chris,

thanks for the notification. I added the event to the calender on the site. Do you know what time/timezone the webcast will start?


Mary Clare:
Thank you, Chris!

I wish I could be there in person, but thanks for the link so I will be able to listen.  This is very much appreciated.


Chris Valentine:

--- Quote from: 7summits on Sep  1 2005, 02:37 ---Do you know what time/timezone the webcast will start?
--- End quote ---

18:30 GMT, or 19:30 British Summer Time.


Mary Clare:
I just watched and listened to Lorenzo's talk at the Open University in the UK.  It was brilliant!  The slide show he presented was wonderful.  It took me back to April/May 2005 when so many of us were consumed with this amazing Everest expedition.

Great job, Lorenzo!

Thank you, Chris, for letting us know this talk was taking place and for giving us the link.



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