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Hey!  I am only 14 at present, but am fascinated by the seven summits and wish to be the first to female to complete them from NZ.  Rob Hall and Gary Ball are the only 2 if you would like to know.  I do have some climbing experience and have climbed many mountains in NZ's Southern Alps and made a good attempt on Mt Cook just last year.  How old would I need to be before i could consider starting?  So please, I'd love to know your views on this situation, and also any tips or advice on how to get started.

As a side question, to book onto the expeditions planned through this website how old must you be?


Hi , I think for Kilimanjaro the minimum age is 12, the other summits I don't know.
greetz, Frans

Richard Lowe:
You can never be too old or young to start climbing besides the minimum age for each mountain, I am only 20, but have 3 of the 7 summitted already and I am going to school in the process. Email me, I'd like to hear from you.

I would love to email you but as you are a guest i don't know how! Sorry

m.c. reinhardt:
Hi Rachel

Just click on the small envelop on the left just under Richard Lowe's name.  If his e-mail is still current you can send him a message.

MC  :D


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