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Mt. Elbrus Summer 2006 Trip


I am trying to put together a trip to Mt. Elbrus this summer.  I climbed Kilimanjaro last summer with 5 friends and it was amazing!  I have done tons of research and think that Elbrus is a good "next step" after Kili.  I have no structured plan and open to any suggestions.  I am first looking for a few people to go with; I am 27 years old and an attorney in Louisiana. 

If you are interested or have any questions please reply or contact me at my email address:

Hi, was planning to go in June 2006, probably with Pilgrim Tours - but have heard that the political situation is now VERY bad and have been advised not to go until it calms down...... any views on this? Certainly i know that i would not have any insurance cover..... Looks as though a short trip up Mnt Blanc will have to be the alternative......I would apptreciate any experienced people sharing views. Thanks Jose


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