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Seven Summits Presentations - San Francisco, CA USA

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--- Quote from: Mountain John on Feb 18 2006, 06:12 ---Harry, you asked for some feedback.


I met Tim last night, a member of America's version of the 7summits, Highpointers.  What a great guy Tim is, we had fun talking, until Rob (another great guy) was turning off the lights on us.  Tim had a great idea, maybe present to the Highpointer convention one of these years.  To be a member of Highpointers, you need to be a little quirky, cause the Westerns States are good and challenging, but the Eastern States are of lot of drive-ups.

next presentation is next Tuesday in Fremont.

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hi john,

when you said the American version of the 7summits, are there only 7 summits? or is it the highest summit in each State? gosh! if that is the case, there'll be more than 50 summits  ;D


Mountain John:
hey j-k,

I recognize the 7 summits on the 7 continents, as the ultimate.  i definitely do this for myself.  if this is your passion, then do it.  Live your Passion.  but i have to say, the Everest feat does impress the average person, more than the 7 summits.  but i have the passion for the 7 summits, and therefore I am not stopping after summitting Everest.

As far as America's version of highpointing, there is a group here in the states that climb the 50, and we have a lot of fun.  it is challenging, and fun to hang out with like-minded people.

cheers mate, MJ


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