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Seven Summits For The Seventh Generation

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Whitni Chapman:
 :)Howdy, I have had an idea for a while for a campaign called Seven Summits For The Seventh Generation. I am an activist, I care about what happens to this planets natural resources, wildlife, wildlife habitat and the children. This would be an effort to inform the world of the truth of what is happening in this transformative time. By traveling through each continent doing workshops, seminars, ceremonies, forums and much more yet to be discovered, talking about different issues of that region and it's effects on the whole planet. And throughout this we would be carrying a new flag, a flag of the Earth that represents unity. Then climb the highest Mountain on each continent, placing the flag on the summit as a representation of raising the consciousness of the planet. Please, if you have any interest in something like this, contact me. I am working on making this a reality and I need help. My e mail is Thanks a bunch , Whitni.

Hi Whitni,
that is a beautiful idea, let me know if I or can be of assistance, we could help organise the trips and get you more exposure.

Jut keep us informed about the plans and we will work something out,

good luck!
Best regards,


would love to help in any way i can I think its a great idea,

I live in australia,

email me more about what your proposing and we can discuss how ican help.

i think it would take a lot of money, a big corporate sponsorship, and lots of experience

I'm afraid i don't like activists very much..... :-X


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