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Aconcagua December 2006


Hi All!

My wife and I are planning to climb Aconcagua this December by either the False Polish or Polish Glacier route.  We are currently deciding between doing this trip guided vs. unguided.  I'd be real interested in hearing from anyone who has done this climb. 

1)  From the guided folks:  Who did you use and were you satisfied with the services?

2) From the unguided folks: Is it do-able for mere mortals who don't speak Spanish but who have been to serious altitude before and have significant glacier experience (i.e. for the Polish Glacier route)?

3) From the folks planning to do it:  Anyone interested in discussing partnering up during this timeframe?

Thanks much and happy climbing!

I went to Aconcague with a few friends (and 1 acquaintance).

(1) Didn't need a guide - satisfied with my level of experience and my friends' (not the acquaintance's but that's another story)
As for base camp services we booked through Harry here on Good communication, good services. He put us in touch with Aymara (one of the main base camp companies over there, who looked after us very well) but it was easier dealing with Harry in terms of language and familiarity etc. Of course the Aymara crowd have very good English. Drop Harry an email when he gets back from Tibet - you'll find him very helpful.

(2) It is very doable for mere mortals who speak spanish. 3 out of 6 summited and none of us had much Spanish. Like you we had the glacier work and altitude experience already.

(3) I didn't summit on that occasion but no plans for this winter - have other objectives in the mountains for now!

Just my 2cent,
Hope this helps,


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