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Fince Herry:

i am sorry..................... good have nice day

i am  so glad your attantion cause along four moon I am going to Mentawai island and adventure trips expeditions. I am really comer in Padang Yesterday,  I am stay here in Padang.

Expedition MALINDO (MALAYSIA and INDONESIA) the news Information "we have permit problem, couse Malaysia goverment hopes the citizen Malaysial"

Maybe this times we can star for permit and administrasi, We until from realisation Expedition MALINDO in 2007 goes to cartensz.


Fince Herry

Fince Herry:
dear all,

we have still problem to permit go cartenzs...... I really dont think about MALINDO expedition...... what to do "why" so difficully a permit? i was send of email PT. Freeport but we dont some answer. I was to discusess lacal government but PT freeport othority bteritory

I hope and we all understand about permit to cartensz as PT Freport... so very difficull

Fince Herry

hey guys, my name is Alvin, about permit to cartenz mount, maybe i can help...
just call me in +62856596655 or add my YM :


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