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Join the Everest Peace climb! Climbers from all religions needed.
Lance Trumbull is organizing a peace climb of Everest; see for full details, endorsements from famous people and how you can apply yourself! The following is taken from the site:

Mission Statement

The Year 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of Mt. Everest– one of the greatest physical achievements of the twentieth century. On this glorious anniversary, The Everest Peace Project is organizing an expedition to climb Mt. Everest, which will include climbers from every major religious tradition.

Although we will celebrate our diversity and our differences, this is an event that will focus on our commonality. We will climb together not as individuals who belong only to this or that nation or religion, but as a team–as brothers and sisters who all share a common home: the earth. This climb will not just be one of physical strength and endurance, but a climb for peace, religious tolerance-education and understanding. The climb will also be a humanitarian endeavor, for we will be raising money for our charity.

It is our goal to show that people from all races and beliefs can come together in a peaceful way and set an example to the world that we can all unite for peace and religious tolerance. There will be no national or religious flags, the symbol which we will wear on our clothing and the flag which we will proudly plant on the top of the summit of Mt. Everest will be that of the earth.

Please check out the site: for full details!

It's a little disheartening to see no women in your list of climbers.

Hi Chadwick,

yes, that's true; however first it is not my list of climbers as I am not connected to the project, it's Lance Trumbull's brainchild. I have helped him a lot in getting it set up, but I am no longer part of the team as I refused to pay fees before there was any certainty.  ::)
There were 2 women on the team aafter a long search, but I guess they were kicked off too for the same reason, so now it's rich men who are on the team...

But the thought behind it is still good, so if there are any female climbers interested, they might want to contact lance to see if there are spaces left..

Lance Trumbull:

It has always been our intention to have a woman on the team - and now we have a great person, her name is Collen Ihnken. Check her profile on our website

To respond to Harrys comment about only rich men on the team--well, that is an incorrect statement - and as far as helping me a lot....? Although I do credit him and thank him for helping to promote and for keeping the dialogue going about our Climb for Peace which is now scheduled for Spring 2005. Thanks again, Harry.

The Everest Peace Project is having an international, multi-cultural Climb for Peace on Mt. Everest in spring 2005. In harmony with the United Nations fundamental goals and in support of the International Year for Sport - our vision, through the example of teamwork is to promote a Global Community of Peace, Dialogue and Understanding.

For more information, please check our website:


Lance Trumbull
Founder and Director


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