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New summiteers added, records broken, statistics updated!


Phew, it took a lot of work and time, but finally I finished a new round of summiteers.
More than 15 people were added, others were updated and records were broken.


Now the list is 179 people long, compare that to the 'other' list available on some 'expedition news' website that refuses to name me in expedition reports :-)

We have a new youngest 7 summiteer at exactly 20 years of age, a new speed record from the first indian summiteer who climbed the 7 with Kozzie in 172 days, with as an added bonus doing one each calender month as well as one of each day of the week! Very original and hard to beat!

Also we have a new 'oldest woman', but also the others that are not as spectacular are congratulated with their efforts and successes, well done, all!

See links to all the lists here:
As always the last names in the list link to detailed pages with all the dates, more info and an image when available.

Enjoy the browsing and get inspired by these great adventurers.



m.c. reinhardt:
Great job, Harry!

Fasinating facts, especially Mastan Babu Malli's new speed record!  I think you and Eberhard Jurgalski have the most updated and detailed 7 summit's stat list currently available.  It's my favorite part of this web-site...although it's all good!


MC  :)


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