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Author Topic: RMI and Everest $$$  (Read 4910 times)


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RMI and Everest $$$
« on: Aug 15 2006, 10:50 »

Hey everyone the new news is out. The price for RMI 2007 Everest expedition is 65,000US FOR THE NORTH SIDE!!
Can you guys believe that? You could go on the south side with a more experienced company for that price or even a lot less!!!


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Re: RMI and Everest $$$
« Reply #1 on: Aug 15 2006, 20:05 »

Really? Their site did not mention it yet. Why would people pay triple the regular price?
But as they also charge more than double for Aconcagua, Elbrus and Kilimanjaro (all around or more than $4000!!!), there must be some strange people out there actually paying these ridiculous amounts...

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Re: RMI and Everest $$$
« Reply #2 on: Aug 16 2006, 00:13 »

GMatthews is exactly right.  RMI will be teaming up with Russel Brice for Everest 2007.  RMI's price is $65,000 - mimimum two climbers, one guide and maximum 6 climbers, 3 guides.  The big news is that Ed Viesturs will be guiding for RMI next year, price $125,000!  But hey...it's Ed.  Climbers have already signed up for Everest 2007 with Ed.

RMI's plan for 2008 is to be on the north and south side of Everest.  They may be teaming up with IMG.

Here is a piece by Alan Arnette on Ed guiding for RMI.†

RMI's newsletter. †RMI's web-site will be updated soon.

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Re: RMI and Everest $$$
« Reply #3 on: Aug 16 2006, 03:53 »

RMI is a great guide service but still that is a lot of money. You could go on one Ed Viesturs trip to Everest or you could climb the seven summits! RMI doesnít just charge ridiculous amounts to climb mountains, there Denali trip is $4,800US which is the normal rate.

I donít know about you guys but when I go to Everest this spring 2007 I will be climbing the North side, but I donít think I will be going with RMI.

One last note I have just changed the Cho Oyu page in the other section.


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Re: RMI and Everest $$$
« Reply #4 on: Aug 16 2006, 12:42 »

Let's all still remember that 65K or 125K doesnít include the HUGE TIPS the guides and Sherpas will receive. When I went to Denali with RMI we all paid $500US each. That is Denali however and this is Mount Everest. I think it will be around $7,500US to $10,000US as a tip for the 65K expedition and at least $20,000US as a tip for Ed Viesturs 125K expedition.
So that 65K expedition could easily cost $80,000US or that 125K expedition could easily cost $150,000US. Please note that doesnít include training climbs or your personal climbing equipment.
All guide services say that tipping is not required, BUT you know when you sign up your going to have to pay.
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