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--- Quote from: markvfr on Oct 13 2006, 04:11 ---  I'm sorry, but I don't know if you can say you've climbed a mountain when you make it to 4800m of 5642m by motorized means.  I felt guilty enough taking the cable car up, but I drew the line there.  Even the chairlift was too much for me. Hey, but thats just me. 

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry, but I don't know if you can say you've climbed a mountain when you take the cable car up the first leg.... etc etc. etc

And then the next person says: because you used oxygen

And 10 years from now: because you used down suit

And 20 years from now: etc.

This whole discussion is so boring. If there was a highway straight up to the summit I'd drive my luxurious Audi A6 straight on up. I'd not vote for such a highway, but if it was there... fine by me.

Why not just let people climb mountains exactly the way they want to without getting into this "your way of climbing is not right" mode.

Some might say you should have  taken a bike and peddled to Elbrus region... where does it stop? Everybody should just  stay home and look at pictures of mountains instead???

And which part of "Hey, but thats just me" didn't you understand?

Everybody climbs his or her way indeed 617, and if they dont destroy a mountain too much with it...and do get the thing from it for which they are/where looking its all fine, wether its with or without oxygen, sherpa's, snow cats etc.

but that is my markvfr kept it to his own opinion ;)

Markvfr: gratz, nice climb :) I got Elbruz on my list aswell for one of the mountains to do soon, but most likely not before the end of my study times.

sidenote: 617 I would be amazed if yer audi A6 would survive with temperature's of -20/-30 C ;-P think yer fuel injector would mess up at such temperatures :P

MC and MvdB, thanks for the congrats. :)  It was a great six days on the mountain and met some great people. 

MvdB, if you need any info on the logistics give me a shout.  I did most of the organizing myself but did get a company to organize an invitation/visa support and climbing permits.  Russian bureaucracy is something else.  ;)


Thanks for the offer Markvfr :)
I know that Russian Bureaucracy is another challenge to pass, have to get a visa for another trip aswell... Luckily my brother has some friends in Russia, so that should speed things up a bit ;)


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