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Can somebody provide the links to various tour operators providing Carstensz trips in order to compare prices, itinary, etc.

I can but I need to know when you are planning on going.


--- Quote from: GMatthews on Aug 29 2006, 04:46 ---I can but I need to know when you are planning on going.

--- End quote ---

Intend to go late 2007 or early 2008.

Hi 617
I notice others have recommended Carstenze Pyramid (puncak jaya) trips by USA outfitters with their highly inflated prices (US $ 18,000)

Please be advised that trips are now available for far less than that and by the time you are ready they will be even cheaper options as the area is beginning to open up.

You could expect to pay around US $5000 right now. I personally expect to see these prices come down over time.

I will not list these outfitters on this site out of respect for Harry the 7summits site owner who also offers trips to Puncak Jaya.

Kind Regards

Hey Roger I thought there was a $10,000US Tax on every person who climbed there. My question to you is that thease trips for $5,000US, are Legal or not?


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