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Comparison between Cotopaxi and the 7 summits.

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First of all:

I have a lot more questions, but for now I'll start with this one:
Summer of 2005 I climbed the  Cotopaxi(5897m) and two other lower volcanoes in Ecuador. I did this untrained, yet I didnt had real big problems(no AMS or anything else) with climbing the Cotopaxi, the climb up took me, an italian climbing partner and my guide about 6.5-7 hours. Like I said: I did all this untrained, I havent been sporting for several years(except for biking 13km to school and back daily).

now my question is: how hard are the 7 summits compared to the Cotopaxi, does anyone have any indications? and with this I mean both Technically and physically.

and I am mainly looking at Elbruz, Kili, Vinson and Denali.

The difference between both Aconcagua and Everest compared to cotopaxi in altitude are simply too big to compare.



Scott Patterson:
Ebrus is farily similar to Cotopaxi, but it is colder and no crevasses on the standard route.

Kili has no glaciers on the normal routes and is just a strenuous high altitude hike.

Denali is much colder and longer than Cotopaxi and is in a whole different category.    It's more an expedition mountain.

Mountain John:
hey Marius,

hey, if you climbed to 5897 and had no problems, you can cover Elbrus and Kili, no problem.  having said that, every trip is different and altitude sickness can strike any time, even the same mountain that you have already climbed!  (just never take anything for granted)   Denali is doable, but there are so many factors / obstacles that can stop you.

Here are the considerations:  (Your) Knowledge, Skills, Experience, Training, Proper Gear, Health, Weather, and the last kicker is Mental Fortitude.  The mental part will get you up the last few thousand feet (1,000 meters).

One mountain at a time!  (okay, with one in sight after the next one).

Mountain John

Mountain John:
PS  Harry, I can't believe your spell check questions "Denali" and "Kili"!!!!  Mountain John

thanks for the answers,

It did clarify a few things I wasnt 100% sure of :)

MJ: I was aware of those considerations, and its why I decided to do some more climbing in the alps first this summer. On the uphill "hiking" part I have average Experience, I've been to the alps about 10-13 times, and climbed up to tops of 2500 meters every time, starting when I was a lil kid. I simply lack Experience at higher altitude(and glaciers and climbing steeper then 60 degrees etc).

Knowledge is a thing I am working on atm(by reading... brining the theory into practice is kinda hard here in NL :P). Training started aswell... 5 hours of swimming a week and this or next week adding 2 hours of yoga to it...
Gear is a major problem, but I think this can be solved by finding sponsors when I am heading up the bigger boys..(and in the mean time saving money and slowly buying parts of my gear aswell)
mental fortitude... should be ok.. but if its really good enough can only be found out when yer up there, neh?

first stop: Kilmanjaro summer 2008


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