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Hello - First time user here


Hi everyone,
this is my first post so I thought I would say HI!. Planning my first summit next year, Kilimanjaro, as most people seem to do. Done some climbing in the Alps a few years back and some in Canada (lots in the UK), but work has always kept me at sea level. Just started a home based recruitment business so I can enjoy what life has to offer (mainly 7 particular mountains). Will be working my socks off so I can fund my climbs over the next 3 years, and finally complete my 10 year dream.

All the best and look forward to chatting with you all.


Hello Jamie,

thanks for joining, looking forward to following your 7summits quest! Keep us posted
Best regards,



welcome here, although, I am new here aswell, but anyways :P

Sounds like a good goal and start you just made for climbing mountains.
I've been considering Kili aswell, but then a year later, since I already have some other big plans for the upcoming summer.

Good luck with climbing them :)



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