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Whatever happened of past users!!!

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Hey Harry and everybody else!

I was wondering what happened to Ron, trunl and Buddha who were once very active users. Does anybody have some news if Buddha and trunl finally did climb a 7 summit.

I always loved the Whitney controversy. We need more actions on this forum.


I think Ron just got fed up with people with no experience posting nonsense as if they knew what they were talking about, having never climbed.

Maybe trunl and Buddha went and climbed some hill somewhere and got lost in fog? :D


Ron - no clue. Probably Trunl pissed him off too many times.
Trunl - was kicked out from Summitpost, but returned under the name daa
He still claims to have summited Whitney and that his camera got stolen.
I was in contact with Buddha "off-site" now and then, but one day he just disappeared. Haven't heard from him for a long time, even if I've sent him a mail now and then.

I've been climbing a lot lately in Asia, so I haven't been online much.

Cheers, Corsair.

m.c. reinhardt:
Great to see you guys posting! are definitely "in the know".  I had saved Ron's web-site on my favorites to see how he was doing but I don't think it is current.  He does have a contact page.  Here is the link.
Btw, Mike, just for your info, I actually did climb Whitney back in '86!!!  Unfortunately, the summit pic was not on a digital camera.  Maybe I could send a copy to Harry and he could load it onto this site?!
MC  :)

Hey Mot...I have missed your great, Irish sense of humor!  And where the heck is Daisy???

Hi guys :-)

feels like a little reunion up here..

Welcome back Corsair & MoT!
Love to see a real Whitney pic, MC!

I did reactivate Trunl, but I guess he did not feel quite welcome. Buddha just vanished, maybe he reincarnated..

Ron is doing ok, but has chosen a less dangerous life with his better half, though he still skis a lot.. And he has a special 'friends sale' for extra discount  in his outdoor shop on saturday. Tilburg, Netherlands if you are interested..

I only saw some small mountains recently, the Apenines and some smaller Alps: just cycled from Rome to Munich past weeks, quite fun..

Cheers from the lowlands,


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