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Just got back from Africa, having gone up Kili via the Umbwe route.  Definitely not for those who lack hiking experience or are out of shapre, but quite an adventure all the same.  All six in our party made it up pretty easily.  I was the only question mark though, since I got a pretty nasty fever at summit camp (15k ft) a few hours before we were to make our summit attempt.  It's amazing what two Advil, two Nalgene bottles of water, and 2 hours of sleep can do for a person.

Anyways, even though I only averaged about 3 hours of sleep a night, I still had a great time and am glad I did it.  I'm now planning my next trip to Mt. Elbrus, but I may need some time to raise the money and I still need to take a mountaineering class.

m.c. reinhardt:
Congratulations DB!!!

Quick question for you. I was wondering why you averaged only three hours of sleep a night? Was it just difficult to sleep at the high altitudes?

Again, congrats and good luck on getting the funds for Elbrus.

MC  :)

Mountain John:
hey DB,

that is impressive.  if you got a fever, and were not feeling well....to go up and climb to the summit anyway, that says a lot about your mental fortitude and strength.

good job.

Elbrus is not too bad.  not really technical (no walls).  no cravasses.  but just be good with glacier ice and crampons and ice axes.  having said that, a mountaineering class will only help you, if you do that.  Elbrus is a good one before you take on Denali.

Mountain John

Thanks for the replies.  I think the altitude had a lot to do with it, but also the fact that I wasn't really used to sleeping in a sleeping bag (not since Cub Scouts anyway).  I usually sleep on my stomach or side, but that was near impossible in these bags; it was too uncomfortable.  A couple of nights we were even on a slant.  I managed though.

I'm getting info now for Elbrus.  Does anyone have any suggestions as far as reliable tour groups?  There are so many out there, and it's hard to narrow them down without first-hand info.

Hey DB!

About Elbrus, you should go with 7summits.com, it's a lot easier than going through Pilgrim Tours directly and it's about the same price. They're reliable and professionals and they know the mountain pretty well.



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