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Hi all,
I have just opened a new photo blog website, . It is a place where I will post images from my trips with comments about where and how I took them. Unlike, it will feature more countries and more people/culture related pictures. Some you will have seen on the trip reports and blogs, others might be new for you and they can all be ordered as prints.

Only about a dozen now, but I will try to add more regularly, though quality is more important than quantity for this site.

You can leave comments, praise or criticism at every photo, so I hope you will :)

Looking forward to your reaction,


I wish I had your talent for photography! The images on your site are truly amazing!

You should consider posting details of exposure times, film types/digital etc too for the budding enthusiasts among us

Thanks MoT, appreciate it.
Actually most of the images have the details already printed, next to the comment/story.

For example has:
2006:04:11 09:49:11
Canon EOS 5D
135 mm
1/160 sec
f 3.5
Flash: Not Fired
ISO: 200

 This is being automatically done, but only works with digital images, that have not been processed (saved for web, HDR etc). Also the older images which were scanned have no info, will try to include that in the text, thanks. That is if I still have any idea :)

m.c. reinhardt:
Well, Harry, I think you have an idea that is saved in “my favorites”! This site is a great way to show the world your photos and so much more; the beauty & purity of nature, the challenges of the human spirit, unique faces & people, wondrous culture and the imaginative architecture of this amazing planet! I love the simplicity of the design of this site. Beautiful!
MC  :)
Btw, I’ll be looking forward to

Hi MC, thanks for your nice words and for all comments on ExposedPlanet!
As long as I can inspire one person all the PHP-and Photoshop-migraines are worth it :)


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