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Carstensz pics


Hi Guys!

I climbed and summited Carstensz on December 15, 2006 and here are some pics of my trip in Papua. To see more pics of Carstensz and other 7 summits, go to my website at www.michelwaechter.com.


Nice Fellow in Wamena!

This is Carstensz Pyramid.

Cliff Dargonne at the first notch on a tyrolean traverse, pretty cool!

Me on my summit no 5 after a 7 hour climb

Carstensz with base camp

m.c. reinhardt:
Hey Mike!

Nice photos! It really does seem like you step back in time in that region. Well done on #5. What a challenge it was just to get to BC! So, are the remaining peaks Everest and McKinley? I wish you the best on these climbs.

MC  :)

nice photo's :) and congrats on the summit.
enjoyed the time in the "other world" with the step back in time?

Good luck on further climbs :)



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