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Introduction of Bruce Matthews, our new Everest reporter :)


Hi all, it is almost Everest season. I will not be there to help Alex this year, but he is a big boy now ;-)
One of the climbers in the 7summits team is Bruce and he will be sending updates about the team to His first is his introduction:

“Last year, around this time, I registered on the Forum. I did this to follow the progress of a very good friend and fellow adventurer, Ronnie Muhl. Ronnie will be back this year to finish off what he started last year!

I had no idea that I would be going to Everest to join Alexander Abramov on his North Col Programme this year!  I embarked on an Alpine course with the New Zealand Alpine Club and trained and recently completed IronMan NZ…I am sure I am now well equipped for my personal summit!

With the assistance of Harry, we have created a forum within 7Summits where I will write reports from the mountain on my exploits as well as those of the other team members. It is my intention to write these as a journal and to bring in as much human interest as I can and with their support, I hope to give insights on all of the members.

There are many who will never experience Everest, base camp or advanced base camp and I will endeavour to report on daily existence at these camps and turn the mundane into something more exciting!

I look forward to your input and any comments you may wish to make…and if there is anything in particular you wish to know regarding life in camp, I will attempt to answer your queries.

Bruce Matthews”

Martin Baker:
just a quick test to check that it is all working and to let you know I am ready to track your progress!

Martin (Bryan)

Hi Bruce,

all the best with your climb up the NC and hope to see some fantastic reports from your hand. This year I will even take the laptop with me to bed :-).
Gave a hug to Alex and Ronnie.

Regards Milan


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