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Day one...leaving home!


bruce matthews:
It's a beautiful day in Auckland...summer continues and Autumn begins in the Northeren hemisphere.
The lawns are cut, weed eaters primed and ready for Gilly, my ever understanding wife and stand-in gardner, whilst I am away.
The packing has been a mission and if anything is missed ( I don't do lists) they will have to  be purchased in Kathmandu!
Purely by chance, I will have a companion on the flight out of Auckland in Andrea McConnell who will be climbing Everest from the Nepal side. She has recently climbed Aconcagua and will likely be successful at Everest.
I will report again from Kathmandu on Saturday and paint the picture of that vibrant city for all you armchair travelers!

Bruce Matthews

m.c. reinhardt:
Good luck, Bruce! I will be sending you positive vibes from my desk chair (I need to get a comfy arm chair for my office!) I remember when the North Col was just a dream for you last year. Enjoy every moment!

Have a safe flight and I'll look forward to your descriptions of Kathmandu.

MC  :)

bruce matthews:
Hello MC

Thanks for that...remarkable how you have total recall...I will start a new topic on Kathmandu which is blowing me away!!!



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