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Author Topic: April 13: Bill Tyler: relaxing life in BC  (Read 3276 times)


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April 13: Bill Tyler: relaxing life in BC
« on: Apr 13 2007, 13:09 »

It has been a few days. I wanted to have somwthing to write about! For all of you that send me email, thank you so much. I read all of them. Time is limited for emails so I do not get to respond, but rest assurred I am thankful that you send your thoughts.
We are now back in basecamp, after our first foray up the route. We spent 2 days getting used to the area and settleing into our new homes for the next 2 months. We walked own to the holy man to get blessed one day to keep us active. Yest. we went up to imtermediate camp at 5800m. The trip took 5.5 hours and I did great up until the last 30 mins. Ran out of gas and had to push alittle to get to camp. Good news is I was not the last to make it and I was only 5-10 mins behind the main group. I felt great though, with no altitude issues, etc. This morning we caame back down to rest for 3 nights and then off to ABC. I got my laudry done, (feel sorry for the guy who washed everything) and generally read books and sat around. My friend Ronnie Muhl from last year got here today so I am keen to catch up and hear his thoughts on last year.
The weather has been mild. We had a snow storm yesterday, but it was melted off by the time we got back to BC today.
We have lost one member of the team, Arminac. He was from Russia and was not feeling well. He did not seem to be acclimatizing  and so is now back in Russia  after only one day at BC. One of the guides, Sergey, who made summit last year, had to be evacuated to Shigatse due to a possible appendicitis attack. Things were looking grim, but he was stablaized by Doc Andry and is now back at BC looking none the worse for wear.
So for the next 2 days I will be laying around, maybe go for a small hike, before the push to abc. At the rate we are going, we will be done with all of our acclimatization hikes by end of the month, which will then give us a full month to pick the right time to go for summit.
BC sure feels good after a hike up. I am making it a point to wear regular clothes down here and shower, clean up. To try to treat the hikes up as seperate. Kiind of a mental break, even though the reason we are here is towering over us!
Signing off for now....
"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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