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Author Topic: April 18-19: Alex & Luda: Bruce left, rest ready for NC  (Read 2746 times)


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Here is the latest from Alex & Luda, from Everest BC. Bruce apparently has left for personal reasons, hope all is well, wishing him a safe journey back.

April, 18 2007 Everest BC from the North, 5200м.

Yesterday we have gone down from АВС (Advanced Base Camp), 6400м. Upwards up to Intermediate camp we went on the average 4 hours, up to Advanced - 4,5 hours. In the evening April, 16 after arrival in АВС we have left under a wall of North Col. Sherpas have already fixed cords, we saw group of 4 person on the wall. In the same evening Maxud Jumaev and Vasily Pivtsov called on us. They plan go up to the North Col or is even higher in the first exit.

Next day April, 17 all of us have gone down in base camp to beer, to voblas, to a bath and club where it is possible to look films and to work in internet.

In the morning April, 18 Armen Rshtuni and Bruce Matthews have left our expedition. Both on family circumstances, not having finished their program "Ascent on North Col".

Since morning guide Sergey Larin with his mini-team Rafael Nagapetianz and Alexander Kibalko (the well-known skater) have left on the first acclimatization exit. In some hours after them guide Sergey Kofanov has gone upwards. He should finish installation АВС - medical tent, to complete electrification. Then he will help ours Sherpas in upholding our interests on North Col and in high-altitude camps. Our Sherpas one week ago have noted by tags places for our tents in all camps above 6400. But young Sherpas from other expeditions have ignored our tags. It will be necessary to find mutual understanding.

For all others today was a day of rest take a bath, play tennis etc. And we drive on a motorcycle which Alex Abramov has hired for the period of expedition.

The day after tomorrow - we leave upward. We plan to reach the Saddle and to spend a night on 7000м.

Best regards,

Lyudmila Korobeshko from Everest Base camp, Tibet, 5200м.


Tomorrow we leave upward, in АВС and our plan for 10 days will be the following. For the beginning we go to 6400 meters. There we spend two days of preparation, and then we climb on the North Col and go down again to ABC on 6400м. After rest, we again climb on the North Col and there we spend a night. From there we leave for acclimatization on 7500-7700 meters. And after that long, 10-day`s campaign we should go down in base camp. Approximately it will be May, 1-2.. In general everything goes normal, though some person already have gone home. Basically on family circumstances. Some on a state of health.

All others are healthy, our Sherpas work, they already have put a camp on the North Col.

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Re: April 18-19: Alex & Luda: Bruce left, rest ready for NC
« Reply #1 on: Apr 21 2007, 08:09 »

Sorry to hear that Bruce has left the expedition before reaching the North Col. I am sure his experience will be memorable. Hope all is well for him personally.

Good luck to Alex and the team! Tennis and also a motorcycle in addition to the 7summits-club luxuries! What is next...a swimming pool with spa? Or how about a dance hall for evenings?

The best,
MC  :)
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