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May 20th: Alex & Luda: all of team 2 summits and safe back in camp 3, descending


Great news from my friend Alex: everybody summited and is safely on the way down. An incredible success as everybody of team one summited an descended safely as well, congrats Alex, Luda, Bill and the rest!

May, 20 2007 8300 m, Everest from the North.

Today the second group have summited Everest. We have left at midnight and in 8 a.m. were at the top of Everest. Now it is 11:30, at eleven we all has reached the camp 8300 m. We plan to begin descent in 10-15 minutes. Up to height we want, as a minimum to pass by camp of 7700 meters, to go down in camp of 7000 meters, or even better in АВС. I want to name summiters:
Alexander Bichenko, guide, from Kamchatka;
Alexander Abramov (second time Everest);
Sergey Batura, Nakhodka Russian Fer East and Byelorussia;
Andrey Ivanov, from Kamchatka;
Sergey Dashkevich, from Kamchatka;
Bill Tyler, an American.
My wife, Lyudmila Korobeshko became the first woman from Moscow and second of Russia on Everest. We were the first married couple from Russia at the top of Everest.

Well, we have not gone down yet. While we are in the camp of 8300 m.

What a dreamteam :-). Congrats to all of you and the resting days are coming soon now. Wish I could be there to see all those happy faces back in KTM having free diner at the Rum Doodle and signing up the wall. Ok, ok, you have to go down but I believe that everybody will be safe soon.

Enjoy all and have some extra drinks in KTM ;-).


Just got good news from Barbi about Bill: he's back and safe in ABC!

Bill called this morning! He is safe down at advanced Base camp. He is pretty tired though and his feet hurt ALOT but the doctor says they are not frostbitten! So he will keep them. He is staying at ABC for a day then the yaks will come up to get all thier stuff and its back down to Base Camp!
Thanks for all the support! He couldnt have done it without you all!

m.c. reinhardt:
Big time congrats to Alex, Lyudmila and the "dream team". Really great news!!!

MC  :)

bruce matthews:
Well done Alex...100% success rate!!!

I am so happy for all of you and can imagine your are truly the "dream team" !

Enjoy your last days on the mountain; travel safely down to Base Camp and back to Kathmandu...I will try to make contact when you are back at the Samsara Hotel.

Well done again!!!

Bruce Matthews


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