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RBarta: Kilimanjaro Mar 2007

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I summited Kilimanjaro in March 2007, Machame route.  Met 3 poles (Marek, Mark and Peter) who are going to climb Elbrus summer 2008 and Acon Jan 2009 with me (I wanted to do them 2007/2008, but they asked me if I would wait for them).  I am going to do Rainier in September since that is a long time to wait and to give me glacier experience.  I have a blog on the Kilimanjaro adventure and some fantastic pictures at http://home.comcast.net/~robert.barta/Kilimanjaro/Kilimanjaro.html

Well done Rbarta and great site/pics of your trip up Kili, all the best for your future climbs

Roger in Sydney

Hi Rbarta,

welcome at the forum. Congrats at your summit and thanks for the link to the photos. Some very nice ones there, it shows the tracks well.

Keep us posted on the other trips and let me know if you want 7summits.com to organize them  8)


(ps: I moved the topic to this Summitlog board)

Amazing pictures! Really enjoyed your account of the trip. Brings back some good memories of my own summit. I see you plan Elbrus next. Only advice i'd add is to consider trying both summits of elbrus - very doable. I only missed out last year because i had to help with a rescue of a climber. :)

Also some companies try and convince you to take a snowcat up to Pashtukova Rocks on summit day - it's much more satisfying to climb up from the Barrels, and only 3 hours longer. Hard work but at a slow steady pace it can be done - just don't take the 7 day programme if you're going to do this, rather take the 12 day one.

Well done again,

Tom :D


Very nice trip report. I took the exact same route on Kili and it makes me want to go back sooner than later. Good luck on Elbrus and Aconcagua. BTW, Aconcagua is way tougher than Kili, so train hard.



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