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I'm planning on traveling to Tanzania for the summer 2004 to study Swahili and am thinking of climbing Kili.  Any one interested in meeting up?

I am doing the climb in Sept.  That may be too late for you?

I'll be in country through August for classes and hopefully climbing right after in early September.

Hi Guys,
Just let me know when you want to go, and I will create a trip for you. 2 people is enough, but I can invite more to join if you like.
By the way, if you register for this forum you can:
- get email notifications when someone replies to your posts
- send other users private messages through te system, so without revealing your email address.

This might help in getting to know each other when teaming up.

best regards,


I am sorry to say that I have had to remove several posts of someone calling him self Jacksnipe.
This is a public forum, but on a commercial site and was getting quite tired of his allegations of 7summits making loads of money over the backs of other people.
I have no idea who Jacksnipe is and why he is being so negative as he seems to be travelling around from Australia to Belgium; maybe he works for a competitor or is frustrated about not reaching a summit?
He certainly is not one of my clients or partners as they are all very satisfied with my services and prices.

But I would like to say this to him:
Please behave on this forum like everybody else; I have opened it up to non-registered members, but people like you are the reasion it might be closed again.

If you want to ask me something, you can email me; but I will not allow accusations, swearing and other negative stuff on this forum.

Both my clients and local partners are all more than perfectly happy with this website and the climbers we service; we charge the lowest prices in the business, as I want the 7summits to be available to less wealthy climbers as well.

If you do not agree with the fact that I might try to recover some of the costs and many hours I make doing this, that's ok with me.
I can tell you I have to use my savings to keep this site up and free and have to do other work to pay my rent.

If you do not believe that, than that's your problem, not mine. A little more respect for others might help you in life, at least for me, my organisation and my clients.

If you excuse me, now I have to continue making loads of money ' to finance my climbing exploits', while the rest of the Netherlands is having an official day off and it's 30 degrees in the shade....


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