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Conditions on Kili?

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m.c. reinhardt:
Hey Harry and all

Is there much snow at the top of Kili? Will I need crampons? My trip is from June 25th - July 1st. Also, would there be any reason to bring my SteriPen?

MC   :) 

Crampons only required if by chance you are going out from the crater and investigating the glaciers.

I never used any purification.

Porters will boil all water for you and for my money up high I just water from glacial melt.

Will be cold at nights up high and especially on summit night if you are doing the summit trek at night.

Insulate your water bottles, add stuff to the water to make it taste nice and palatable. Plain water may be hard to consume.

Have good balaclavas and gloves for summit so you can enjoy it more without worrying about frozen head/hands. Maybe good quality hand warmers for summit trek also. I use outdoor research balaclavas and their Peruvian Hat to keep head warm.

Keep the questions coming


Hey mc!

Porters boil the water but I didn't take any chances, I purified it to be sure. 50% of the group came down with stomach problems in the first 2 days, but me and my climbing mate were ok, is it related, I don't know but I wouldn't risk it.

No crampons needed anytime of year but a good and warm pair of socks to keep toes warm on summit day is appreciated.


Hey MC  8)

I have only heard of one of my clients from the past year that he had stomach problems on Kili (some other guy had trouble on Aconcagua, but that is another story  ::)), and he did not even know if he was suffering already before the trip. Whatever you decide with purification, personal hygiene is the most important, as well as shaking hands etc.

Crampons are not needed, it can be snowy any night of the year, but it will not be packed. I definitely second the warm boots/socks/gloves and the tasty drinks the other guys mentioned.

few nights to go!


m.c. reinhardt:
Thanks everyone!!!

I went to REI and several other stores tonight looking for an insulator for my 3 liter CamelBak. I wanted a neoprene sleeve but could not find one. I do not want the CamelBak that is insulated as one piece (as I normally would not want something so bulky). I am assuming that I will be o.k. as long as I have something between the CamelBak and the outer part of my pack. Just wanted to confirm.

MC  :)


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