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Author Topic: Road to Everest Basecamp will be paved for Olympics  (Read 9565 times)


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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2007, Page 1

China will build a highway on Mount Everest as part of the route for the Olympic torch relay, Xinhua news agency reported yesterday.
Xinhua said construction of the road, budgeted at 150 million yuan (US$19.7 million) would turn a 108km rough road from the foot of the mountain to a base camp at 5,200m "into a blacktop highway fenced by undulating guardrails."
Xinhua said construction would start next week and would take about four months and the new highway would become a major route for tourists and mountaineers.(...)

(quoted from http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2007/06/20/2003366015)

What do you think about this?
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Re: Road to Everest Basecamp will be paved for Olympics
« Reply #1 on: Jun 20 2007, 13:37 »

Its going to happen no matter what we think. The Chinese have a way of just doing these sorts of things.

People will still trek into the region as part of acclimatisation.

Next will be the chair lift up to the North Cole or higher, in pressurised cable cars of course.

Just imagine what it will be like in the region when they discover some sort of mineral wealth and start digging up the mountains just like we see Freeport doing next to Carstenz, they are removing 250,000 tons a day.


m.c. reinhardt

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Re: Road to Everest Basecamp will be paved for Olympics
« Reply #2 on: Jun 20 2007, 13:42 »

Well, being that I have not been to this region, I am probably not the best one to comment. My initial thought is not a good one. The paved road just commercializes Everest more than it already is. The road would take away from part of the experience of getting to EBC (even though flat tires, etc. are not pleasant)! Next, they will build tracks for a train!

MC  ;)

p.s. I can envision bus loads of curious tourists stopping along the road at the various curio shops and paying for a chance to pet a yak!  ::)
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Re: Road to Everest Basecamp will be paved for Olympics
« Reply #3 on: Jun 20 2007, 23:48 »

I dont like the idea of a road to such a mountain... but well roger is right.. its was going to happen one day or another... the only thing I am semi hoping for is mass tourism altitude sickness.. or are all those people gonna take shots of Diamox? :/

lets just hope people go away after awhile becuase of too many altitude problems and that the road goes all bumpy(which will take years :S :/)
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