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Kili in Feb 08


Hello climbers,

Short notice, but am traveling to Africa  in Feb 08 to climb Mt's. Kenya and Kilimanjaro.  Novice climber but physically able and adventurous.  Would like to hear from a potential partner or from a party that would let me join.


Where are you from?

and what do you mean with novice? completly new to mountaineering, or have you climbed mountains above 3000m/9000ft before already or whut :)

tell a bit more. I myself cant go yet, even tho I would love to go, I need my money for 1 other bigger project.


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What's up. 

From Connecticut.  Just about new and have not climbed above 3/9.  May have to adjust schedule for a Meru/Kilimanjaro climb instead since the 1000ft est. technical climb on Mt. Kenya may be out-of-reach for me at this point. 

So what's your big project?

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