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Interested to join our group? Please be fast.. Kili August '08..


Rob H. Lanting:
Hello climbers,

Since a few weeks I have made a group myself with international people who will join our group for cilmbing Kilimanjaro.
Together with a UK friend I go to Tanzania on the 23th. of July 2008. We are intending to start our Kilimanjaro tour (first meeting in the Springland Hotel from 7summits) on the first of August 2008.[/u]

By now, we have 5 people who are joining us for sure, 3 are potential joiners.
We have two girls from NY, U.S.A., 1 guy from Slovenia, me from The Netherlands and my mate from the UK.
We want to use the Lemosho-Machame track (see information on the site) and want to use 8 days as recommended.

Also we have decided we want to book at the end of january, so please be fast if you are interested in joining us.


Rob Lanting (22)
The Netherlands

Hi all,

this is to confirm that the group exists and is legitimate 8)

Rob has been in contact with for a while and we are setting up the trip, so if you want a nice international group for a good price, let him know and he will arrange it with me/

With best regards,


Rob H. Lanting:

If someone is interested, you are still able to join!

greets Rob Lanting


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