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Going solo...


I can't seem to find anyone who wants to go at the same time as I do (end of may)...  what are my options ?

Will 7summits consider me if I am alone ?

Thanks !


Hi Etienne,

if you want we can set up a solo trip for $100 extra (single supplement).
I will actually be leading a large group beginning of June (safari 4-7 June, 10 days Kili climb 8-17th June).

If you want, you can join that. It will save you from paying the single supplement, but as the trip is very long (and beautiful), including a night in the crater, it will be costly anyway.

So let me know what you prefer and I will set it up   8)



Thanks Harry, sorry for the late reply.

I would be very interested in joining a group.

I have limited time so I don't think I'll go fir a safari.  I would also like to take the lemosho route.

Finally around the 19th of May would be ideal for me.  I know that it is not the most popular period of the year...

Do you know of any group that I might fit into ?



Hi Etienne,

in general: as we organize only private trips (no fixed dates or open groups), it is very difficult to impossible to enter you in another group. All groups expect to be without strangers, so I cannot just add you to another team. As mentioned, we can set up a solo climb any date without problem. And as you will be accompanies by a guide, a cook and a group of porters, you will not feel too lonely anyway!

it is best to contact me at info (at] if you want to set this up, a public forum is not the most optimal place to discuss your wishes, though it might get some other people interested, so you can hook up with them.

With best regards,


m.c. reinhardt:
Hey Etienne!

I climbed Kili last June with I was solo and it was GREAT!!! I became good "pals" with my guide and enjoyed the solitary time on the mountain. You will also meet other nice people on the trail and at the various camps.

Hope you make it to Kili.
MC :)


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