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Kilimanjaro Machame route


Hi to all,

2 weeks ago I summitted Mount Kilimanjaro via Machame route (7 days). Recommended for acclimatization.

Didn't encounter any real problems. The only disappointment was the very cold, windy, misty weather at the summit. And a really crowded place.

Overall a great experience!

Just make sure you have been there before the snow will be disappeared...


m.c. reinhardt:
Hi Paul

Congrats to you! I summited Kili on June 30, 2007 via the Lemosho/Machame route. Also took 7 days. It just goes to show you how the weather on mountains can be so unpredictable. June is the beginning of winter on Kili and I had clear days and no wind. But regardless of weather, the challenge and experience is so worth it. You are right regarding the glaciers. I felt so lucky to be able to walk past them while they are still on Kili.

Again, congrats to you!
MC :)

Thanks! You did a great job too! That's true, the challenge and experience are both more than worth it. Well, for me it's 1 down, 6 to go. ;-) But it is not only the seven summits, there are so many other great mountains and trekkings out there...

And the unpredictable weather on the mountains make the challenge only bigger, so that's great!

Greetings, Paul


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