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Looking for a climbing partner for the Machme route in July 08

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Hello.  I live in Kansas City, Missouri and I am planning on the Machame route to summit Kilimanjaro mid July.  I'm looking for a partner or to start a group or even join a group.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Hi Karen...good luck!


Hi Karen. My name is Doug and I am also trying to find someone to make that climb with, but have been unsuccessful. My original time frame was around labor day of this year for the Machame route, but I would not be opposed to working around the dates. If you still need a partner, please let me know asap. thanks.

Hi Doug,

So glad to hear from you.  I have purchased my air fare so my dates are set but I am still interested in a partner.  Here is my itenarry:

July 9- Arrive in Tanzania
July 10 - Begin safari
July 13 - Return from safari
July 14 - Begin climb
July 21 - Return from climb and depart Tanzania in the late evening.

Are you interested in the safari at all?  Let me know if these dates work for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Those dates would work for me. What type of safari are you going on? How much did you spend on your airfare? What is the best way to get a visa? Also, I have lots of gear, but is there anything out of the ordinary that you heard might be useful? If you want to reach me more regularly my email is

Thanks Karen, I look forward to speaking with you further!


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