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Looking for a climbing partner for the Machme route in July 08

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Hi Karen,
I recently moved to the Kansas City area and I am in the process of planning to do Kili around July of 09 or maybe 10.  I am interested of starting a club or just to talk in more detail about climbing.  Hope to talk with you soon


Hi Kimmie,

I would love to chat about Kilimanjaro.  My plans are set for this summer and I was fortunate enough to have a couple of people to chat with to help me get my trip set up. 

If it is easier you can email me at

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Guys,

I am planning to summit Kilimanjaro between 15th Sep 2008 till 15th Dec 2008. As you guys have recently visited Kili, need your advice to plan it. Till now i am going solo, hope to find a partner so that cost can be shared. I also plan to do the safari, but if you go alone, it is very expensive.

Pls help.

i can be reached at or


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