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Has anyone ever repeated Messners Route up the Norton Couloir from the North Col


Was just reading about the solo climb in 1980. Haven't heard of anyone repeating this route? Why is that? Is the NE ridge technically an easier/more straight forward climb or is the NC more demanding physically? I'm talking about the route from North Col to Norton Couloir to Summit and back

Just curious - no plans or anything  ;D

Hey MoT,

I do not have the route maps in front of me, but I though that the American team in 1984 did a similar route? And they used some the ropes that were put there just before by the Australians, though that was not mentioned too often in public.

But right now I am sitting next to Lincoln Hall who told me, and he should know as he put them there  ;D

Basically the shortcut route is not too hard, just as long as there is snow, but the problem is that when there is snow, the avalance risk is huge, so you do not need the technical skills of Messner, but rather his climbing speed, insight and luck...

Cheers from Down Under,


Heh heh - for some reason when you said you were sitting next to Lincoln Hall, I pictured (for a split second) you under the Second Step having a chat and brewing up on a gas stove, just chillin, hanging out so to speak!  ;D (Contact 4.0 is great, isn't it, heh heh heh!)


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