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1st Jedi on Kilimanjaro :)


Together with 3 others, I summitted Kilimanjaro on 28 Feb 08. All four of us summitted at different times. Nevertheless, the first jedi to summit Kili I am  ;D

The route taken was 7-day Machame and the trip was made possible by a Dutch connection  ??? , and I must say I am impressed with the service. The guide and crew was excellent. Wait till you hear the story  8)

I'll post the full story (and pictures) soon. Having some problems with the pictures, including changing my profile pics. Cant seem to upload a new one.

MC, your summit pic look a bit similar to mine.....hahahaha  ;D

[ JK ]

The force was with you, well done  8)
Congratulations, JK, Looking forward to the full story and pix.

Cheers from the Dutch connection  ;D

m.c. reinhardt:
Hey JK

I've been checking this site waiting for the word that you summited!!! "Well done, this is"!!! So happy for you! Look forward to the entire TR and pix! Hope to meet you on the next big one...you never know...



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