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Polish Traverse, Aconcagua, very beautiful


I climbed the Polish Traverse route a while ago & was amazed.  The hike-in to basecamp Plaza Argentina was just amazing.  Those massive valley you walk through, surrounded by very tall hills on both sides, and the stream cutting through.  The constant, powerful wind, the clear blue sky.  Walking with my friends just made things even better, and meeting new people also.  So great seeing the peak for the first time on our last day hiking-in - wading across the cold river, up to the knees, everyone laughing about this, some a little scared.  The shining summit peak ahead, putting everyone in awe.  Jack Klener was really helpful with hiking strategy and the climbs from camp to camp.  Josie Terrent was such a strong girl, she just fit in with everyone, a really good athlete.  Paul and Chandler were masters with the equipment and backpack packing.  Ephraim was awesome with the food.  We had a lot of great athletes, made me kind of humbled as they were so strong hiking and climbing.  Dan Howitt actually did workouts while everyone else rested at camp, he often ran from Camp 1 up to the Ameghino Col, and ran down flying, lots were in awe, he used running shoes.  Josie was really strong too, she was so fluid in her stride, effortless, powerful.  She does triathlons.  I was pretty tired from the first day on, but got stronger and in better shape as time went by.  Acclimating went well too, didn't get sick, except for some headaches here & there, not too bad.  Bascamp people were great, it was great to be in a group of people and seeing who came and from where, wow all over the world, I tended to spend time with others besides americans, not sure why, maybe for the change.  Well this was just about the walk in, hope to write more later about going up from basecamp.

m.c. reinhardt:
Big time congrats! If (and this is a big if) I were ever to climb Aconcagua, I would do the Polish Traverse route. Sounds like you had a great climb! Very nice you didn't experience any real AMS as that can make or break a climb.

Look forward to the rest of your TR and maybe some pix!
MC :)


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