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Hey. I know im really early to post that, but my friend and I are going for the aconcagua in the low season ( nov ) for the normal route. We are 2 and we already went there before in 2006, and we would like more poeple to tag alone for more fun. If intrested, just send me a message and post here, and we can help you out to plan this trip as well..


November? interesting...

What experience have you?

Why the question? you want to warn us of november weather or you would be interested? We rather have a less crowded moutain but dealing with harder weather. We would go at the end of november, just to be in the low season fare but the most part of the climb would be made into the mid seaon fare.

Oh and btw, send me a message to if you want to join us.



My name is David Kotter in Arizona; I would love to tag along...thinking sometime December 13, 2009.  Is there a time we can chat?    ;D


I would like to go this year, starting from mid december til early januari.  If somebody else has some spare time... please contact me at

Hans (from Belgium)


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