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Climbing Kilimanjaro March/April 09


I'm a solo backpacker from the U.S.  I've been backpacking for over 4 months now, just finished the Middle East, and making my way overland through the Arabian Gulf, into Africa and down to Kilimanjaro.  I'm looking for a climbing partner who is planning to climb late March, early April timeframe.  I don't have exact dates as my schedule is at the whims of Arab/African public transportation.  Also, I've sponsored a fundraiser for my overland journey to Kilimanjaro.  The link is  I'm not getting any sponsorship from the charity, but I'm using my backpacking trip to raise money for the charity.  If anyone's interested, please write me ASAP.  My email is  Thanks everyone. -Joe

Hey everyone, just an update.  It's 27 Jan. and I'm in Aden, Southern Yemen right now.  I should be hitching in a few days on a cargo ship to Djibouti.  I'm ahead of schedule so if there are any groups climbing Kilimanjaro mid to late March let me know and I'll sign on.  Thanks again guys.


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