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Looking for partners for Aconcagua late fall/winter/early spring 2009 ascent

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Whatever you do, be safe and good luck. let us know how it went and do not uderestimate those final 3000 certical meters!  8)

Harry, I just did Tolosa (5432m) a month ago, solo & Santa Elena (5200m) as a warmup.  I plan on sleeping at that level to acclimate for the next 2 weeks. I am currently camping out at 3300m until it's time to go up.  If you guys want to share a mule, it is available on the 15th of November. 

LATEST UPDATE: I have spoken to a park ranger yesterday and it is now a clear path to either Plaza de Mulas & Plaza Argentina.  The snow is gone, it is close to 30c at Las Cuevas, Puente de Inca, Puenta de Vaca, & it is VERY windy, with VERY dry conditions.  My phone number is here.  I can be reached by phone in Las Cuevas.  I am either going on a technical route OR normal if I am going solo.  Just be prepared for winds and snow at the summit.  BRING CRAMPONS & ICE AXES EVEN ON THE NORMAL ROUTE!!! 

Though not 100% confirmed, it seems that Mike1 is the nickname of the climber who died on Aconcagua early December.

Please read the message from his girlfriend on this thread:,1637.msg6356.html#msg6356

Below that message are messgaes from MOT and myself with links pointing to further information.

Our condolences to the friends and family of the deceased climber.


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