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Hi Harry - might be worth emphasizing in the guidebook a bit more strongly how long the ridge above the headwall is up as far as 17000 camp. It certainly took me by surprise on the day, especially when I was dehydrated and tired.

The description of heartbreak hill is spot on :-) On the way back it looked easy but wow it took a lot.

You can mention also that you can travel from Basin Camp to Airfield Camp all in one push (even on snowshoes).

Ski Hill (hell) is a 3-4 part climb each roughly the same length. Up a bit, flat kind of bit, up a bit, flat kind of bit, up a slightly steeper bit, then a final slog to windy corner camp.

Would be worth emphasizing to people about the dangers of the overhanging seracs on the way to Motorcycle Hill camp. We saw people stop for lunch under the hanging glacier just to the right Motorcycle Camp.

(Maybe I'm stating the obvious too much!!)

Finally - your photos of the summit day seem to be shot with a wide angle lens. They give a deceptively shortened looking climb up to the Archdeacon's Tower! It's much steeper!!! :)

ps I like your photograhy! Not criticizing that!!!!!

Hi MikeW,

great to hear you might be tackling the bog 'E'!  8) Just take care with what's included in your trip, we have seen many 'lowbudget climbers' (even though our expeditions are relatively very cheap) that wanted/needed to buy extra services on the mountain. As I explain in my new Everest Guidebook: it is not a supermarket there...

MoT: thanks for the feedback, very useful. Agree on all, but the amount of text is very limited. I will put most info online in the next version of, then I can expand a bit more as above. Sorry I surprised you at the foot of the last climb  ;D



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