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Climbing Kili: 30 dec 09 - 5 jan 10, Rongai route. Interested in joining?



in a few months' time, my sister and I will climb Kili with 7summits.  So far it is just the 2 of us, but if you are interested in joining let me know as we're not opposed to ending up in a small group!  You can see our itinerary and blog opening at


Looks great Jaimi! Good to see you are training already  :)

You can add that the climb will cost $1546 per person, including pick up from airport, an extra night in our hotel as well as dinners, and all guides, fees, hotels etc. So everything besides tipping and extra drinks.

By the way, if 6 or more people go together (so 4 more as you are already 2), everybody will pay $50 pp less. That is quite a lot of Kili beers afterwards  8)

Cheers, Harry


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